About Us

Green Ridge will be designed, built and operated by County Waste of Virginia, a subsidiary of GFL Environmental, Inc. While the principals of County Waste will continue to oversee the construction and operation of Green Ridge, the addition of GFL adds more than 30 years of experience in the waste management industry with a solid reputation for safe, environmentally sensitive operations across the mid-Atlantic region with a strong presence in Virginia. Operating in more than 60 counties in Virginia, County Waste has been a part of Cumberland County since 2012. Known primarily for its commercial and residential waste collection, County Waste has assembled a team with decades of experience in the development and management of modern waste management facilities. The company has the technical skills and experience to develop a state-of-the art recycling and waste management facility that will provide long-term benefits to Cumberland County.

Our design, development and operation team includes industry experts with decades of experience.

Our design, development and operation team includes industry experts with decades of experience.

Jerry Cifor

Officer & Director

Jerry has extensive experience in developing and managing landfills in several states dating back to 1986, including the development of a current “greenfield” landfill project in central Virginia over the past two years. During his eight years as the senior vice president and chief financial officer years at Casella Waste Systems, Jerry was involved with the purchase, development and management of several landfills in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Maine. Jerry will serve as the liaison with Cumberland County and oversee the design, construction and management team of Green Ridge.

Jay Zook

General Manager, Virginia

Jay joined County Waste’s management team in October 2016. Prior to joining County Waste, Jay was the landfill manager for the Shoosmith Landfill located in Chester, Virginia for seven years. The Shoosmith Landfill accepts approximately 1.2 million tons of nonhazardous waste materials for disposal each year. Prior to working for the Shoosmith Landfill, Jay had responsibility for four landfills for IESI in Texas, one of which went through its final closure process under Jay’s supervision. Jay will oversee daily operations of Green Ridge when opened.

Highmark Engineering


Highmark Engineering was founded in 2008 and has experience in civil engineering, development, planning, real estate, construction, sanitary waste, and watershed management. This Chester, Virginia-based engineering firm is dedicated to serving residents and communities in Virginia by providing a full range of land planning, professional engineering, wetlands evaluation, soil analyses, and land surveying services that carry a project from conception to completion. Highmark Engineering is responsible for site engineering for the Green Ridge project.

Draper Aden Associates


With more than 40 years’ experience, Draper Aden Associates is a leading civil, environmental, geotechnical, and subsurface utility engineering and design firm. Established in 1972, the firm has grown to become a leader in waste resource engineering. Draper Aden Associates, has extensive experience in all aspects of solid waste management including design/permitting/construction of landfills, landfill operations and environmental compliance. Draper Aden has worked on over 1000 solid waste projects including more than 200 landfill designs, 70 landfill closure projects, and 50 materials recovery/transfer/convenience center projects. They have designed groundwater and landfill gas monitoring programs at more than 100 facilities, including over 60 landfills and have conducted groundwater corrective action at more than 50 sites. In total, Draper Aden has over 35 years of involvement in the solid waste field and is supported in-house through their surveying, geotechnical, structural and site planning teams.

To Be Determined


Construction of the facility will require a number of contractors, subcontractors and vendors with experience in landfill construction and general construction for buildings and site work. The construction team has yet been selected, but preference will be given to local contractors and vendors in Cumberland County when possible. More information about these opportunities will be made available once the project has been approved.