State-of-the-art environmental protections and monitoring practices


$1.4 million to $2.8 million each year in additional revenue for the County’s budget


Free recycling and trash drop-off for residents of Cumberland County

Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility

Green Ridge is a proposed state-of-the-art, fully-lined recycling and waste management facility that is located on the far eastern edge of Cumberland County, just off Route 60. The facility will generate tens of millions of dollars in revenues for the County, and it will provide County residents with a number of high-paying jobs with full benefits. Residents will also be able to drop off their waste and recyclables free of charge at the facility. In addition, Green Ridge will support a power generation facility that converts the landfill gas to energy, which will provide yet more revenue to the County while attracting much needed business and industry. Green Ridge is expected to operate for thirty-five years. Once the facility closes, most of the land can be used in any number of ways to benefit the County. Any remaining unused land would be converted to attractive green space.

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