Situated on about 1,200 acres, Green Ridge is a proposed state-of-the-art recycling and waste management facility in Cumberland County, Virginia. The facility will be a substantial source of revenue to the County and jobs for its citizens. The approximately 240-acre disposal area will include a Department of Environmental Quality-permitted composite liner system and the facility will also feature a recycling center. With an estimated life-span of 25-30+ years, Green Ridge will be a reliable revenue stream to support public services and County projects for decades to come. Once capped and closed it will continue to be monitored and will serve as open green space, with the area not used for waste utilized in a number of ways as determined by the County.

Where is Green Ridge?

Green Ridge is located on the far eastern edge of Cumberland County, Virginia, just off Route 60 west of Miller Lane. The site is conducive to this type of facility. With easy access to Route 60 and additional major transportation corridors, the site is ideally located to minimize impact on the County. The geography of the land and soil type is well-suited for a solid waste management facility like Green Ridge.

What types of waste will Green Ridge accept?

Green Ridge will operate six days a week, and serve as a solid waste management facility for Central Virginia. Most of the waste will come from County Waste of Virginia customers. Green Ridge will accept between 3,500 and 5,000 tons per day. The facility will not accept any toxic or hazardous materials, nuclear waste, wastewater treatment sludge, fly ash or processed construction debris, such as sheet rock. Green Ridge will take non-hazardous household waste, construction and demolition debris and approved industrial waste. Green Ridge will service Cumberland County and other municipalities within a 500-mile aerial radial distance from the facility, excluding waste from New York and New Jersey, with a vast majority of the waste it receives coming from Central and Southwest Virginia.

Who will operate Green Ridge?

County Waste of Virginia has more than 300,000 customers statewide and has a management team with more than 30 years’ experience in operating and managing facilities like Green Ridge. Through its subsidiary, the management team will oversee the design, construction, and operation of the site. Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) will regulate Green Ridge, where compliance with all state laws is a top priority for us. With decades of experience and a dedication to clean, friendly operations, Green Ridge will be a valuable community partner.

After the local permitting process but prior to the submittal of the project to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, changes to the design and size of the facility have been made. These changes reduce the amount of disposal units from two to one, and will significantly reduce the impact of the facility on both the surrounding wetlands and neighboring homeowners. The original schematic design would have a Primary Impact on 3.38 acres of wetlands, while the new design will reduce the Primary Impact on wetlands to 0.00 acres. Also, given that there will no longer be an Eastern Fill Area, the amount of homes that are located within a half mile of the disposal area will be reduced from 58 to 37.

Design and Layout


Green Ridge is designed with area residents in mind, and will have 200’ wide perimeter buffers, at a minimum, with adjacent residential properties to the facility, with the exception of the entrance road. The facility is designed to minimize noise, odor, and stormwater runoff. Tremendous care has also been taken to ensure a design that allows for easy accessibility with minimal impact on traffic. Also, the facility will be built in compliance with Virginia Department of Environmental Quality regulations and any laws that pertain to its construction. We will not accept hazardous materials nor wastewater treatment facility sludge or processed sheet rock, which will play a significant role in keeping odor under control.

Liner Design

Green Ridge’s landfill area will be constructed with a composite liner system consisting of a clay liner component covered with a membrane. The membrane will be made of 60 mil high-density polyethylene. The membrane rests on a two-foot layer of compact clay (or equivalent) that acts as a second natural barrier. Above the synthetic liner is a drainage system used to collect any water that enters the fill area (called leachate) whether from the waste deposited or rainwater infiltration. The leachate drain system includes gravel and piping to help facilitate proper leachate collection and drainage to a holding facility. The waste is then placed above the drain system.

Final Cover

A final cover will be installed over the disposal units upon receipt of the final waste. This final cover system must be permitted by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and will be designed to inhibit landfill gas migration, minimize stormwater infiltration, support plant growth, and allow for a long-term stabilization of the disposal unit that will minimize erosion and maintenance requirements. The final cover, or “cap,” is similar to the liner below the waste, and consists of a layer of clay and soil, a methane gas collection layer, a 40-millimeter-thick low-density polyethylene membrane, a drainage synthetic to wick away infiltration, and a 2-foot layer of soil to protect the membrane and to allow for vegetation to grow. The cap will dramatically reduce any infiltration into the closed landfill and reduce leachate and landfill gas production over time.