Project Benefits

Green Ridge anticipates hiring 35+ employees to help manage the daily operations at the facility. These employees will be employed full-time and the average annual salary for Green Ridge employees will likely exceed $60,000 per year with a full benefits package. The types of jobs that will be available are heavy equipment operators, licensed CDL truck drivers, mechanics, engineers, management and administrative staff, as well as general laborers.

Beyond the anticipated full-time employees, Green Ridge will also likely require 10+ jobs per year on average through third-party contractors to help supplement the facility’s workforce during the high volume months throughout the year. Furthermore, there will also be jobs created during the construction phase of the Green Ridge facility. In total, it is expected that Green Ridge will spend $125 - $150 million over the lifetime of the facility in construction costs. Local Cumberland County residents and companies will receive preference for any and all jobs requiring a third-party contractor.

Also, Cumberland County will create a new position known as the Landfill Liaison who is a County employee, under the control and direction of the County. For this position, Green Ridge will reimburse the County up to $100,000 per year to completely defray the costs associated with employing the full-time Landfill Liaison, who will be tasked with monitoring and inspecting the facility and waste disposal practices at Green Ridge to ensure its compliance with County and state regulations. As a County employee, this professional engineer will also be able to serve the County as its own “resident engineer” for use on other projects in the County.

Green Ridge will offer a convenience center for all residents of Cumberland County, free of charge. The convenience center will receive residential waste, recyclable materials and limited agricultural waste and will be open six days a week. This benefit also extends to the County as well, potentially allowing the County to save money it is currently spending on waste disposal.

Green Ridge will be a tremendous asset to the County. Green Ridge will pay Cumberland County $1.3 to $2.7 million each year through a host fee to operate their facility and the host fees will increase over time when adjusted for inflation. The annual host fees that are collected will likely result in a 10% to 20% increase in local revenue for Cumberland County, providing the County with long-term financial stability and the ability to invest into any Capital Improvement Projects they deem necessary.

Green Ridge will also be providing Cumberland County with 10% of the landfill gas royalties, when methane gas is harvested and sold for energy production.

Beyond the direct payments to Cumberland County, the County will also generate a significant amount of tax revenue through property taxes, personal property taxes, and tax revenue from the jobs created by the construction and management of the facility.

There are also a number of major commitments that Green Ridge has made. First, Green Ridge will work alongside Southside Virginia Community College to establish a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training program with the college, utilizing the facility’s vehicles to help train local students. Second, during the active life of the facility, Green Ridge will make an annual payment to Cumberland County in the amount of $25,000, which will be used for environmental science public education. Green Ridge has also agreed to make another annual payment to Cumberland County in the amount of $25,000 for recreational facilities within the County. Lastly, as part of the post-closure plan for the final closure of the facility, Green Ridge will provide at least 25 acres of land for public use at the site of the capped landfill and help the County promote economic development opportunities associated with the land.